Hi there. I’m Melissa. I’m 34 and a bit older than your average college student. I never quite knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and have drifted in and out of the higher educational system several times. After a relatively life-changing personal event, I decided to try and make a better life for myself and believed a college degree was the way to do it. I received a Associates of Applied Science with a focus in web programming in 2014 from Macomb Community College. Unfortunately, programming is not my cup of tea so I decided to stick with what I knew best and that was graphic design and pursue a degree in graphic design at Wayne State University.

For the last 13 years I have worked in a professional photography lab doing photo editing and design work. I specialized in color management and designing these artsy coffee table type books of weddings. I recently left that job in order to take up a part time job in the Theatre and Dance department at Wayne State, doing an assortment of graphic design work for them.

Aside from my educational and professional background, I really enjoy spending time with my family and boyfriend, music (Pink Floyd especially), reading (I once read 16 books in between semesters), cooking and baking (give me all the pizza and cupcakes in the world please), tasty beers, and ANYTHING art related (creating, viewing, admiring, loving). Randomly, I am obsessed with the Lord of the Rings (I have like 4 hobbit and LOTR fonts- not sure what I’m going to do with them, but I have them just in case), have 17 tattoos, think Disneyworld might be my happiest place on earth, and I also have a fat cat, appropriately named Fatty. I really do not have a favorite typeface at the moment although some of my favorites are Scriptina, Pharmacy, and Ostrich.


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