09. Typographers for Designers: Emigre / Zuzana Licko

Zuzana Licko is the co-founder of Emigre, which originally was a graphic design magazine published between the years of 1984 and 2005. Emigre is now a hugely successful distributor of design software and materials as well as a type foundry that holds rights to over 300 (!!!) original typefaces. Zuzana herself is responsible for the revivals of Baskerville in Mrs Eaves and Bodoni in Filosophia (LOVE!- see below) and numerous other typefaces (The Font Shop has 54 font families attributed to her) . I thought it was pretty interesting that she began her work on a first generation Mac.

Some of my favorite typefaces from Zuzana are:

font_rend.php-5 font_rend.php-2

I love the angular “a” in the Base 12 families. And although I am not typically a fan of serifs, the ones in the first type are still enjoyable to me. The angled terminals on the “r” and “f” are interesting and unique, and I love that the same design is carried over to the serifs.



The quirky ends of the letters in this type family is interesting. Some letters end with serifs and letters that you think should as well (like the “d”, “u”, and “a”) have a fun little diagonal flip to them. It’s really cool. I also love the narrowness of the letters, especially on that “e” and in the counter of it.





Journal Text is really just appealing to me because it is very fun and casual. Almost has a carved look to me.



Probably my most favorite out of the bunch and probably because I am ridiculously attracted to unicase types. They seem like such an illusion, make you stop and think if you are really looking and lower case letters or upper case letters. Super cool.






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