014. Inspiration: Billy

I warned earlier this semester that this was coming but now that this is technically my last inspiration blog post and the end of the semester, it is now time for my gushy mushy inspiration blog post about my wonderful boyfriend, Billy.

Without a doubt I do not think that I could have managed this semester and my new job without his help. A creative type, who successfully ran his own graphic and web design business for nearly 15 years, I can only wish to know half as much as him one day.

Illustrator tutorials at 1 o’clock in the morning- check!

Crafting Play-doh animals for an absurd photography scavenger hunt assignment (Seriously a purple toad? Yellow bunny? Where?)- check!

Freelance fees tips and suggestions- check!

Lectures on the usage of keyboard shortcuts (sometimes, I seriously feel like he’s one of my teachers) – check!

Numerous hours of listening to me whine, cry, and complain about my job and assignments and group projects- check!

24-7 availability to answer my questions (especially in panic mode- why are my blacks brown??)- check!

Hours of his free-time spent trying to align spread layouts into printer spreads when each page is a different size- check!

I could keep going on and on and on. His expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite, his business experience and organization, and all of his support, encouragement, understanding, and patience are all incredibly priceless to me. And this work/school related stuff is only a FRACTION of what I love about this guy.

He inspires me to want to be a better designer, artist, and person every single day.



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