013. Inspiration: Book Design

Well it’s the end of the semester and one of the biggest projects weighing on my mind is this book of my blog for my typography class. All the ideas that I have had for layouts and design have been shot to hell due to project restrictions (no color) or critiques. I’m super sick and super stressed and my mushy brain is in desperate need of some ideas for this thing. I really want the book to be quirky and fun because I’m quirky and fun and I don’t want it to be boring and standard. I’m finding though, that merging quirky and fun in a text dominant (man, I write too much) book while staying mindful of all that I have learned in this semester in typography is  a completely daunting and overwhelming task. As much time as I have spent thinking about this project throughout the semester has been little help now that it is crunch time. I am 5 days away from this book being due and feeling the pressure to have a creative book design breakthrough (actually three days because I’d ideally like to have it done by Monday. Sure I can design and layout and print and bind a book in three days. With a cold. With all my other end of the semester projects due. This is what being a college student is right? Perseverance under pressure).

So Google.

I came across quite a few informational articles and this one in particular had quite a few modern and artistic designs that have inspired me quite a bit. Some examples from the article include:

I really like the minimalism of these designs and the grid layouts are really helpful and inspiring as well since a modular grid layout is a requirement of the book project. Also, after seeing peer books, I felt as though I needed to have multiple columns of text on pages instead of one column but after seeing some of these samples, the one column text still has a classy vibe to it. Additionally, the use of white/negative space is incredibly impactful because I believe I often tend to fill in or overdo this space in my designs.

Some additional articles that were helpful and inspiring:

Top 5 Book Design Layout Errors Illustrated

10 tips for better book designs

Typography Tips for Writers: Anatomy of a Book

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