Typography Crimes

  1. Horizontal and vertical scaling (distorted proportions).
  2. Typefaces that work well large but don’t work well small.
  3. Minimal differences in type size.
  4. Pseudo italics.
  5. Pseudo small caps.
  6. Leading that is not adjusted (spacing between lines which appears uneven).
  7. Single family mixes: too close in weight to mix well.
  8. Multiple family mixes: two type styles that are too similar to provide a counterpoint.
  9. Mixing (weights) and squeezing fonts.
  10. Quotation marks that carve out chunks of white space rather than hanging and creating a clean edge by pushing the quotation marks into the margin.
  11. Tightly tracked (spaced) letters/text.
  12. Loosely tracked/spaced lowercase letters, especially italics.
  13. Auto spacing gives an uneven effect.
  14. Poorly shaped text blocks.
  15. Text columns that are full of holes due to justification.
  16. Bad rag (wedge shaped = bad; ragged edge = good)
  17. Lots of punctuation at the edge of text blocks.
  18. Stacked lowercase letters.
  19. Too many signals: paragraph spacing AND indents.
  20. Too may signals:for emphasis (example: using bold, italic, underlined, caps).
  21. Data prisons (data trapped inside cells).


Example of horizontal and vertical scaling:

IMG_7894 copyIMG_7902

Example of typefaces that [might] work well large but not so well small:

IMG_7904 copy

Example of tightly tracked/spaced letters (fresh peacock in the second one!?!):

IMG_7896 copy


Example of lots of punctuation at the edge of text blocks:

IMG_7897 copy

Example of too many signals (larger font size, underlined, bolder; also not consistent):

IMG_7905 copy


These don’t fit into a specific type crime necessarily but they still seem off:

IMG_7898 copyIMG_7899IMG_7901

This last one bothers me because it seems unnecessary to have such wide leading, the two columns of introductory text. It all seems unnecessary, a waste of space, and distracting to the awesome image in the background.

Oh and a typo:

IMG_7895 copy


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