012. Resources: Thinking with Type… on the web!!

So go figure there is a website for Ellen Lupton’s book, Thinking with Type. I mean sure EVERYTHING has a website these days, but I would have thought it to be one of those book websites. You know the ones that really don’t provide much information on anything; maybe a super short excerpt from the book, maybe even a chapter, perhaps the table of contents. And THEN lots of where and when to buy said book, glowing reviews. I mean I can even envision what these websites look like in my mind. Lots of text, BIG titles, little to no images. Does anyone else know what I am talking about?? Well guess what. Thinking with Type isn’t like that! Okay, there is a rotating banner of glowing reviews at the top BUT the site is informational! While it doesn’t have the whole book online, it has numerous sections- look at all the sections:

thinking with type

– quickly available for reference. I’m thinking they’re really there to encourage one to buy the book, but for someone who already owns the book, the website is a great go-to-on-the run for information, when I do not have my copy with me. So excited to have found this!

PS. Check out the Type Crimes games!

Edit: I just read that the site was built as a companion to the book, so there are numerous lectures, assignments, exercises, and handouts. Which is even more exciting to me, so that I can practice and continue with typography well after this typography class is over.


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