012. Inspiration: Recommended WordPress Blogs

One of my first blog posts was about finding inspiration all around us. Originally I meant that to be in the most literal way; nature, architecture, fashion, advertisements. These intentional and not so intentional designs surround us, consume our spaces, so much so that we may be obvious to them and yet if we take the time to look and recognize them, we can understand their designs and messages. Sometimes though, we need to seek out inspiration, the inspiration that we may not come across in our daily lives, the ones pertinent to our careers, hobbies, and education. Ultimately that is what I have been trying to accomplish with this category in my blog, but I forgot to look right under my nose.

I’ve recently been browsing the blogs WordPress has recommended for me (not sure how this works- if it gets updated- where can I find more) because well duh! here I am on WordPress writing about inspiration when there are TONS of blogs of inspiration just a click a way. I love to see other artist’s work and the styles they’ve created or excelled at, the new and unique ideas. I like to value and appreciate their skill, wonder how they did that, and day dream about a day that I might be that talented, that maybe someone might want to purchase something I made.

Below are some of the most awe-inspiring artists I’ve found on WordPress, or artists whose work truly inspires and excites me. Please check them out.

Caitlin Clarks – Illustrator (super cute and incredibly detailed illustrations)



blog.cupick.com (Cupick is a visual platform for artists to share and sell work, but their blog is this incredibly fun range of quirky random art articles and great interviews.)


milinkovic.co (weird and interesting abstract paintings and prints)



lizardpudding.com (awesome, quirky art in a variety of mediums)



 (adorable little comic constructed entirely out of scrap materials)unique, and visually captivating)



picturette.wordpress.com (prints, photography, and design)


bryannachapeskie.com (illustrations, print, design- all freaking adorable)



sarahgoodreau.com (really fun illustrations)



dianefoug.com (sculpture, drawings, and etchings- the sculptures are just so interesting and visually captivating)



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