011. Resources: ILoveTypography.com

ILoveTypography.com is a great resource for those who also love typography, or at the very least those who want to learn more about it. It appears to be a collection of articles on varying topics, and book reviews, and interviews, and history, and tips and resources for creating fonts. As a newbie in the world of typography, one of the areas I always look for on these sites is the basic type education. And ILT’s beginner articles are no disappointment either. You can find the main page of resources here.


Some of my favorite resources in particular are the following:

Who Shot the Serif? – A history and education on serifs, followed by part 2 which is The Return of the Serif which is quirkier dive into the topic of serifs.

Identify That Font – A collection of resources out on the web to help find specific fonts.

So You Want to Create a Font – Step by step guide to creating your own fonts. (Something I would love to attempt in the near future, time permitting).

There is also a list of recommended references too for typographic terms.


Some of the more interesting articles I read and appreciated:

The First Female Typographer

Beauty and Ugliness in Type Design

The Origins of abc

iFont, iPhone


All in all, ILT seems like a fun, educational, and entertaining way of learning and reading about all things type. With archives stretching back to 2007, I have lots of reading to do!


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