011. Inspiration: Type Art

As I was searching through the internet for some inspiration for this blog post, I came across this article from 99designs’ Designers Blog: 25 Mind-blowing Typography Art Projects. Some of the projects listed in this article are so, well mind-blowing. Mind-blowing in the sense that they are interesting, advanced, skilled, fun, awesome to look at, often sculptural, thoughtful, and pretty exquisite. I think that I find these so inspiring because I love the mixture of typography into art and/or the taking of typography and expanding on the idea that it is an art form, can be art alone. These pieces make me eager for time to get back into creating my own art so that I too can experiment and play around with typography as art.


Vacuum-packed type — an experimental typeface by txaber.


Lauren Hom’s hilarious Daily Dishonesty series takes tidbits of often-given, rarely-followed advice we give ourselves and renders them beautifully in striking type. 


Wood Type — another impressive experimental typeface by Txaber.


Sabeena Karnik molded the entire alphabet in ornate, cut-paper forms.


Spanish art collective Boa Mistura painted passage ways in a Brazil slum with bright colors and white forms that, seen from the right angle, resolve into letters spelling words like “belleza” (beauty) and “orgulho” (pride).


A sculpture by Damien Roach that reads “Avant Garde” when seen head-on, but merely looks like sundry geometric forms from other angles.


Artist Farhad Moshiri jams knives into the wall. Seen from the right perspective, they resolve into an elegant script. 


Read the article for more awesome artwork and links for all the artists displayed here.


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