05. Typographers for Designers: typecuts / Andrea Tinnes

Andrea Tinnes is awesome.

Her work is just absolutely amazing and SO. MUCH. FUN. It’s quirky, bright, interesting. It was so hard to only grab a selection of her work for this post because it is all so so very cool.


Andrea Tinnes is a type and graphic designer located in Berlin. She is also an educator and has been teaching for numerous years. Typecuts is the label Tinnes created to independently produce and create contemporary fonts. The typecut website is a vast collection of Andrea Tinnes work in both typography, graphic design and her approach to education including assignments (unfortunately all in German currently).

The whole website is neat and clean, and the way it is sectioned off is really organized. One of the things that stands out most to me, is that it isn’t just pictures. There are detailed descriptions of the works, what they were for, why they were created, the fonts used, clients, typefaces, and so on. It’s really nice to see a piece of work and get a bigger picture of it.


Typecuts_B Typecuts_C Typecuts_D Typecuts_A

The typefaces Tinnes creates are unique and exciting. The way they are displayed are very informational too. There is a specimen piece, information regarding the types, single font views, character sets, fonts in use, and a downloadable PDF. How much more information could you want to know?

One of the most intriguing sets she creates are these dingbat-ornamental-esque graphical fonts. All designed at the same width and height and with the same center, so that when overplayed, the ability to create crazy, different icons is available.


In her teaching section she also displays student artwork too, which is absolutely inspiring. I don’t know what they assignments were but the quality of both the work and the display is absolutely amazing. I don’t know what the standards are in Germany but I feel as though they put to shame anything that I have created thus far in my education.

Typecuts_4 Typecuts_3

If it was seriously and financially possible to own all of Andrea Tinnes fonts right now, I would love it and jump at the chance. I feel as though I enjoy her work so much because it blends with my own design aesthetics, loves, and inspirations. Playing around with any of these would be incredibly fun. I sincerely hope she puts up her teaching lessons and assignments in English because I would love to see her approach and ideas. Definitely a designer to follow in the future.


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