010. Inspiration AND 010. Resources: HOW Design

Every single time I Googled typographic or design inspiration since I have been writing this blog, HOW Design would pop up somewhere on the list and often. Honestly I eventually ignored any search results that came back to them because I was not impressed with their website. It seemed like a scam to me: lots of side bar ads, not the most aesthetically pleasing design (for a design site), and virtually no comments on any article or collection that I clicked on (where are all the people at?). Eventually they showed up in a search for something relatively obscure (this escapes me at the moment) and I started clicking around and actually was really pleasantly surprised at the content I found. This site is overwhelming with the amount of learning resources, design opportunities, and wealth of inspiration found here. This is just why HOW Design had to constitute two blog entries, because I just couldn’t pick the best category to file it under.

I did a bit of research- really I did poor research and went to Facebook- and found out that HOW was founded in 1985 as a print magazine. Not sure if they are still in print today (would really like to find out), but over the years their brand as expanded into an online source, numerous books, conferences, other events, awards, and numerous other products all designed in aiding the creatives in design out there. In fact their mission is: HOW is all about helping graphic designers be more inspired, more creative and more successful. If that doesn’t sound both inspirational and resourceful, then I don’t know what does.

If you were ever looking for a collection of “wicked cool 90s posters“, then HOW has it. What about “packaging design inspiration from around the world“? They have that too along with inspiration from all over the world in areas such as photography, type, design, packaging, and everything else in between. They have a HOW university with courses ranging from 40 bucks to 100 bucks, workshops, boot camps, conferences, tips on freelancing and pricing your freelance work(!!!), competitions, and job hunting tips. And since this blog is for a typography section, there is a whole section devoted to typography. I’ve read articles on hand-drawn letters, how one typographer reinvented several types, and a font marathon.

All in all I have found quite a few good reads, interesting tips, and numerous points of inspiration. HOW Design will definitely be bookmarked for further study.


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