09. Inspiration: Bēhance

I feel as though I have been living under a rock as a “designer”. I put that in quotations because I can’t even believe I considered myself to be one prior to three months ago. I’m not sure if it is the huge amount of work I have been putting into Illustrator and InDesign, both of which were pretty foreign to me. Or is it the amount of research that I have been doing for this blog. Perhaps a combination of both which has really opened my eyes to how far I’ve come in just a few months, how little I knew and how much I still need to learn. Either way it is incredibly exciting to see all the forums, blogs, resources, examples, lectures, articles, tutorials, freebies, and what have you, that are available for graphic designers/artists out there on the internets.

Bēhance is one of those living-under-a-rock-in-my-own-bubble-never-heard-of-but-I’m-so-excited-I-finally-found things. (By the way, after 7 years of working on a Mac, I have finally learned how to make macrons just for this post). Someone recently recommended Bēhance to me after I was whining about how much I hate manually coding my personal portfolio website every time I want to add new content (which hasn’t been done in oh about 8 months because of that fact). Bēhance is an online community, a product (or purchase) relative to the Adobe Corporation, in which creative types from ALL over the work can create, publish, and promote their own portfolios. Work can be divided into finished or WIP. Viewers can like, comment, and follow artists. There are even job listings (although only one for Michigan -insert sad face)!

I put this site in an inspiration blog because, just like the several other communities I have previously posted about, it is beyond amazing to see what else is happening around the globe in design, photography, art direction, illustration and so on. There are galleries to browse and numerous filters to search by (schools – yes there are a few WSU submissions up there- and materials and color, oh my). Seeing all the great work really grounds me in that I am more aware that there is plenty of room for development and skill training and yet it inspires me to want to be a better designer, be the best I can be, and seriously step up my game.

Although I have yet to create my own portfolio through Bēhance, it appears to be a great resource too (aside from also being a great spot for inspiration) for getting one’s name out there among the artistic community, especially on such a large platform associated with Adobe. And any community that allows for input, critique, and praise from colleagues and peers is one in which all artists can really thrive and continually develop. I’m really excited to try it out.

Check it out: Bēhance


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