03. Typographers for Designers: KLIM

KLIM type foundry was a bit hard to research in terms of history and information, so please bear with one of my sources being Wikipedia (not the most reliable I know).

KLIM was founded by Kris Sowersby in 2005 and is based out of New Zealand. This foundry designs retail fonts, custom fonts, as well as lettering and logos. His first font released was Feijoa, released in 2007.



It’s the lettering and logos section that is especially cool and captivating to a student of typography because there are numerous displays and examples of just how type is more than just text. It often serves as a brand or creates an emotion.




The KLIM website is pretty awesome from my own personal perspective. I love the simplicity and straight-forwardness of it. It’s matter-of-fact: here is what we do and here are examples. The fact that you can test drive the fonts right there in the window is pretty smooth too.



On a person note, and if Wikipedia is to be fully trusted, it looks like Sowersby was born the same year as I was which leaves me feeling both inspired that he could be so successful in typography at this point in life and also feeling a bit behind as I am only now starting my journey into design.







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