06. Inspiration: My Peers

Probably the coolest thing about being an art/design student is the wealth of creativity that  surrounds me on a daily basis. The whole academic setting at least from an artistic standpoint (because those general education courses I could do without) is amazing to be in. It’s awesome to have teachers that are trained, educated, experienced in all of these fields. The opportunities to learn from all disciplines of art is exciting, encouraging, and constantly a learning and development experience. I love seeing how techniques can be used and applied across these disciplines. Most of all though, it is incredibly inspiring and aspiring to see all the work my classmates put out. It’s interesting to see everyone’s different takes on projects and assignments. From still-life drawings to foam sculptures to typography expression compositions to everything in between, this environment is a great one to grow and develop as an artist/designer. I will be sad when the day comes that I will not be surrounded by such a vast group of talented individuals.


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