05. Resources: Typewolf


I mentioned this website in a previous entry. I accidentally stumbled across it and found it to be a pretty informative place for most things type. One of the most interesting aspects is that it is creator of the site is an experienced designer who was created the site from a designer’s perspective (rather than a type designer’s perspective) as someone who uses the typefaces on a daily basis.

There are guides and resources, a blog, and a site of the day. THE coolest part and THE largest wealth of information lies in the Font Recommendations section. Here you will find partitioned sections of lists based on categories of type: classification, fun, alternatives, favorites, and free. Each of these subcategories then contains top-10 (or 20, or 30) lists of fonts. The lists range from classic (Top 10 Sans-Serif Fonts) to fun (Top 10 “Hipster” Fonts). If this doesn’t sound cool already, it gets better. Each font in the list, when clicked, gives you a brief description and history of the font, real-world examples of the font in use, a sample (and not the boring “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”), similar fonts, suggested font pairings (!!!), and where to get a free alternative.

Totally worth checking out.


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