05. Inspiration: Jacqueline S. Casey

I recently analyzed a piece of work by Jacqueline S. Casey for another class and words can not even begin to express just how inspiring I found this woman to be. Jacqueline S. Casey was well known for her work for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (yes, that MIT) Office of Publications. This department was responsible for all of the design work for the school. Obviously Casey was a woman. A woman in graphic design and a woman who later became THE director of the Office of Publications. A feat in itself in that there were few women working for MIT in this sort of professional capacity. As a female myself, I can appreciate the ground she broke and the paths she paved for other women in the field of design. Also, her work is so striking, so unique; it really doesn’t even matter that she was a woman because her talent and skills spoke volumes alone. Each and every piece of design by Casey could be considered a piece of art, IS a piece of art. Her minimalistic and solid background choices really helped to highlight the interesting work she did with type, which was often the primary imagery in the pieces. I’ll let some examples of her work tell the story because I am not sure that I can express how truly amazing I think her work is nor do her justice in this brief bit of blog.

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