04. Inspiration: Type and Design History

As I was researching the Futura font for my latest project I discovered it was created in 1927.

Last week I analyzed a piece by Walter Herdeg that flawlessly combined photography and artwork.

In 1936.

It just blows my mind that life in design and type existed before the digital era. That work could be created so seamlessly and naturally, that type could be so clean and precise. I mean I get it existed but I suppose I am extremely fascinated and intrigued and awe-struck and inspired by HOW it was made. It makes me wonder if I take for granted just how easy it is to accomplish artistic endeavors today with the help of various software applications, electronic tools, and simple clicks of buttons. I often worry that I know too little of these technological wonders and I often become impatient at the time it might take to create something artistic. The more I travel through my academic career, the more I am becoming utterly fascinated with the processes from the past, prior to the digital era.

I sincerely hope that in the like 8 books I’ve picked up for my two graphic design courses that I can begin to learn these techniques and just how certain tasks were accomplished. It makes me appreciate that there are still core classes included in the graphic design program at Wayne State; drawing, painting, sculpture, and even the art history courses. It sets a nice foundation for getting back to the basics, for stepping away from the computer.

VA 3 scan

Walter Herdeg

poster for St. Moritz, 1936


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