03. Inspiration: Typesinpire

So it’s fairly late on a Friday night and I’m trying to pound out a few of these weekly blog entries. I have to admit my brain is a bit fried at the moment so I did the easiest and most logical thing to do at this point and simply Googled “typographic inspiration” (At least I’m being honest here. It was either that or write a mushy, totally-inappropriate-for-class post about how my boyfriend, a graphic designer, is totally an inspiration for me both creative and career wise -which may or may not happen as I progress through the next 14 weeks of the semester and run out of blog ideas, fair warning). So I happened across this website, which so happened to be the first hit in the search: typeinspire.com. It’s a collection of work from graphic and web designers centered around typography. The purpose of this site according to their about me page is serve as inspiration to other designers so that they (I) can create our own awesome typographic works.

The layout of the site is pretty simple (and honestly not that all inspiring) and the works are categorized by tags (which may or may not inconveniently -personal opinion here- change page to page) but the works themselves are pretty awesome. No. Awesome doesn’t seem like good word choice here. They’re greater than awesome, they’re totally awe-inspiring. Work is submitted by users at at a fee (is this sketchy?) and even so there are 102 pages filled with these pieces that not only revolve around typography but are usually, and insanely good, displays of graphic and photographic art. There are logos, advertising, fonts, sculptural and actual physical pieces that incorporate typography, an occasional article, and nearly 1500 works of art to inspire anyone. Personally I love seeing the different mediums used and the connection of the type to to the rest of the work (when applicable). It is also powerful to see how color, size, proportion, and effects on the font (and the font choices themselves) all come together to create a uniform and consistent theme. They help get across some message and grab the viewer’s attention. Most importantly they evoke feelings and emotions not only in an inspirational way to me as a designer, but in reference to how these stylistic decisions really do make these pieces.

I think I will definitely be browsing this gallery for both inspiration and artistic entertainment.



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