Type 1: Misson

I could spend hours browsing for new fonts for my collection. When I’m designing, I often pick fonts that just feel right, if that makes any sense. By taking a typography course, I’m hoping to learn more about an area I have a deep love and appreciation for. I want to learn the history, the different font families, how to apply the knowledge gained in this course in real-world applications and design, and anything else I possibly can. I want to know more than just the idea of a (insert random adjective here: ________) font. My goal is to really just become more knowledgeable in this area so that I may be able to make better decisions when designing and using type and to understand why I am making those style choices.  I plan on accomplishing this by being an attentive student, completing the required readings and coursework, and basically becoming a sponge and soaking up and absorbing all of the information presented so that it may help me to become a better graphic designer.

This blog will hopefully document my progression through the course and become both an outlet to literally express by journey and as a helpful resource and tool to aid in my development.

Cheers to type and graphic design!


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