01. Resources: Font Squirrel

New to the whole world of typography, I cannot at this point confidently judge a good resource on this subject matter, simply because I do not know enough about it. So I am going to be a newbie and keep it basic (please bear with me as I discover the world of typography) and talk about my most favorite place to find fonts: Font Squirrel.

I learned about this awesome site from one of my most favorite instructors at Macomb Community College, Jackie Wanner. She was my teacher for several classes including Introduction to Web Programming, Javascript, and E-commerce and was extremely helpful and inspiring during my career at that institution.

As both an amateur and freelance graphic designer, finding commercially licensed fonts is a bit tricky. Especially when you are both a poor amateur and freelance graphic designer AND broke college student. This site offers a HUGE assortment of generally free fonts. Of course I say, generally because a.) it is still a good idea to read the licenses and b.) on the rarest occasion will a font be found offsite and require a fee. However, this probably only happened once or twice in the several years that I have been accessing this site. Each font displayed on the site has a series of icons showing in which formats these are free to use (i.e. web, graphics, e-books, apps). Probably one of the coolest features of this site is it’s generator which allows you to upload fonts  (legal of course) and converts them into webkits for use on the web. I cannot tell you how handy this was during my web programming education and for the few sites I have worked on.

On a side note, the Font Squirrel site is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye (at least in my opinion) compared to your other top hit free font sites that pop up like dafont or 1001freefonts with it’s cool color scheme and simple layout. Also the ability to search and filter via classifications, tags, and/or filters makes finding that perfect font much easier than browsing through numerous categories.

This has definitely become my go to source for fonts, free commercial fonts throughout the years.


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