01. Inspiration: The World Around Us (or Me)

To start of these inspiration blogs, I really just want to comment on how inspiration can be found all around us. As I’m writing this, I am currently sitting at my boyfriend’s desk and just in this small radius I can find numerous examples of design and typography. There are band posters and stickers, textbooks and other assorted books, pieces of mail. Everyday we see billboards (which I notice constantly during my hellish commute to school every morning), advertisements, commercials, books, logos, signs. Every one of these things have their own style and contain choices and decisions that were made to best get across the point of whatever they are designed for.

I believe designers should really pay attention to the materials we come across daily not only for inspiration but for educational purposes too. We should constantly be asking ourselves questions about the designs we see such as what is the message these pieces are trying to communicate and is it working? If not, what could work better? What would I/we do differently or what would be our approach to the idea or message?

I also find it very interesting that most people take for granted, what we take so seriously. For designers, we notice (or should anyways) the color choices, the type choices, the layout choices, and so on that each piece of design contains. The average person might subconsciously or unconsciously notice these things as they are processing the message or idea presented. We should be taking these stylistic choices in every single day. The opportunities to study, examine, learn from, and be inspired by graphic design exists almost infinitely on a daily basis.


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